The Mother’s Song – Jean M Auel

Out of the darkness, the chaos of time,
The whirlwind gave birth to the mother sublime.
She woke to Herself knowing life had great worth,
The dark empty void grieved the Great Mother Earth.
The Mother was lonely. She was the only.
From the dust of Her birth She created the other,
A pale shining friend, a companion, a brother.
They grew up together, learned to love and to care,
And when She was ready, they decided to pair.
Around Her he’d hover. Her pale shining lover.
She was happy at first with Her one counterpart.
Then the Mother grew restless, unsure in Her heart.
She loved Her fair friend. Her der complement.
But something was missing. Her love was unspent.
She was the Mother. She needed another.
She dared the great void, the chaos, the dark,
To find the cold home of the life-giving spark.
The whirlwind was fearsome, the darkness complete.
Chaos was freezing, and reached out for Her heat.
The Mother was brave. The danger was grave.
She drew from cold chaos the creative source,
Then concieving within, She fled with life-froce.
She grew with the life that She carried inside.
And gave of Herself with love and with pride.
The Mother was bearing. Her life She was sharing.
The dark empty void and the vast barren Earth,
With anticipation, awaited the birth.
Life drank from Her blood, it breathed from Her bones.
It split Her skin open and sundered Her stones.
The Mother was giving. Another was living.
Her gushing birth waters filled rivers and seas,
And flooded the land, giving rise to the trees.
From each precious drop new grass and leaves grew,
Till lush verdant plants made all the Earth new.
Her waters were flowing. New green was growing.
In violent labour spewing fire and strife,
She struggled in pain to give birth to no life.
Her dried clotted blood turned to red-ochred soil,
Ut the radiant child made it all worth the toil.
The Mother’s great joy. A bright shining boy.
The Mother’s Song, Jean Marie Auel
Children of the Earth.-