To know that somewhere far beyond, there might be a better place for us, a better place for our souls, and a special reality with a destiny related to our kin.
Some other moment in time, the bend created from a decision in any moment, a path that turns away and will unlikely have anything to do with us again.
Paths of stone that we can try to walk over and over again, but will always make us trip. Some small actions that directs our life forever. We can’t be cautious in every step we make, we can’t be slow nor fast trying to reach something, cause time is the biggest factor for which different paths unwirl from our own.
Don’t look for the best, or you’ll die as the rest… let your life continue its path, but don’t walk thinking in what could have been. Do what you think you ought to do in any moment. Be natural and don’t hide away. Time will make sure you will regret your decisions someday. Or maybe some elected disease descenses on you to erase your mind.
To be someone old without any memory of the past, no good times to remember, only an end of a path you can see, with the startline under your feet. Maybe you won’t know what happened, but those acts somewhere in time were once real, and also true for someone else who might remember.
If i could be sure that my actions affected others in some good way, i wouldn’t regret not remembering myself.  Writing and images would try make me never forget…

De vuelta y vuelta

Hoy el mundo ha dao otra vuelta,
pero nadie me ha avisao.
Hoy el tiempo me a pillao,
con un lio en la cabeza.
Tirao en la cama,
con ganas de nada.
Hoy el tiempo se ha parao
en la hora que no era.

Hoy el mundo a dao una vuelta,
pero no me ha preguntao.
Hoy estoy desafinao ,
hoy estoy de carabela
Y el alma partida,
la pena encendida.
En la acera me he sentao,
a esperar la primavera.

Hoy el mundo a dao otra vuelta,
pero no me ha despertao.
Hoy me levanté girao,
hoy me levanteé de vuelta.
De capa caida,
peleao con la vida. 
Hoy no estoy pa nadie,
hoy estoy de vuelta.

Primavera que no llega….

Jarabe de Palo.-