Best Friend

Say my name, I don’t care. You don’t realize that now I’m dead. When love becomes such a strong feeling, the desire of dying, to live forever with your beloved death.


Finally leaving your cursed body behind, which was doomed to stay alive, suffering a never ending pain. Never asleep and never awake, but in a middle state where you keep on living once and again all that happened, that made you desire death.


You cannot move and you cannot breath. You might never feel pleasure again. But that is not true, because only once more you will feel it. The great pleasure of finally ending, being finally asleep forever, together with your love.


Your love, which finally came and rip you off from that middle state. At last in freedom, not chained to bed by a diseased body, now with wings for soaring in your dreams.


I’m dead and now I’m writing from my grave. This is not a letter for my friends, it’s just a chant of freedom. My last desire, my last breath. I cease to exist, but at least my pain is gone. These words will make me live eternally. Goodbye, it’s my time, goodbye, my best friend has arrived, my love, my only romance. Death, take me with you; I’m not leaving anything behind, just a disconnected body.


My body will finally have a last function; it will be moaned, as the last sign of humanity. Dealt by my family, they will have at last the opportunity to cry, stopping to suffer. This way is the best.


Goodbye, I’m gone.





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